Choosing Custom Blackout Shades for Homes

Choosing Custom Blackout Shades for Homes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA) like Duette Honeycomb with LightLock

Getting a full night of restful sleep can be much harder than it seems like it should be. Even if you are exhausted, you may still struggle to fall asleep at night and to stay asleep. One of the major reasons that could be behind this problem is that your window treatments let too much light into your bedroom. As humans, we operate on a circadian rhythm to regulate our sleep patterns so that we feel alert during the daytime and feel sleepy at night. However, this natural cycle works at its best when there is total darkness rather than just low light. In order to make your bedroom completely dark at night, turn to the many blackout shade options offered by Hunter Douglas. At Peerless Wallpaper & Blinds, we can help you with choosing custom blackout shades for homes.

Liner Options from Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas offers a great selection of stylish shades that offer elegance and beautiful style to your home while also giving you the option to add a liner. The Designer Roller Shades are a great choice for adding an attached liner that allows the shades to block light at night. These custom blackout shades are measured with expert precision in order to offer you the smallest light gap in the industry. During the daytime, you will get to enjoy the beautiful style offered by these shades thanks to many different custom options, such as your choice from hundreds of fabrics, plenty of color options, and various patterns.

The Vignette® Modern Roman Shades offer refinement and beauty for your windows with their delicately curved design and structure that displays expertly crafted fabric. Available in many different opacity levels, these custom shades can be made to let diffused natural light into your home for all-day comfort. You can then combine these shades with the Duolite® independent liner system, which acts as a separate blackout liner that lowers behind your shades. This means you can have two opacities in one shade for a versatile window treatment solution.

Both attached liners and the Duolite® independent liner are available on many different collections of Hunter Douglas shades.

Duette® Honeycomb Cellular Shades with LightLock™

The latest brilliant feature developed by Hunter Douglas is the available LightLock™ option on the Duette® Honeycomb Cellular Shades. This is the first feature in the industry of window treatments to actually completely darken a room. The design uses channels that run along the sides of the Duette® Honeycomb Cellular shades and overlap the front and back of the shades. These channels use innovative micro-ridges that prevent any light from filtering through the shades, resulting in custom blackout shades that truly darken the room. The combination of the sound-dampening design of the cellular shades and total darkness that comes with LightLock™ can offer you the best night’s sleep you ever had.

At Peerless Wallpaper & Blinds, we want your nights to be more restful and your home to look at its best, which is why we offer custom blackout shades from Hunter Douglas. We are located in Monroeville, PA and serve Pittsburgh, Greensburg, and the greater Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania areas. Come see us today find the custom blackout shade solution that is best for your home.