Best Bedroom Window Treatments for Homes

Best Bedroom Window Treatments for Homes Near Greensburg, Pennsylvania (PA), for light control.

Finding the Best Window Treatments for Homes

When finding the best bedroom window treatments for homes, you should always carefully consider your choices, especially when it comes to your bedroom windows. After all, we spend a majority of our time in that space! You’ll want to make sure your window treatments provide good light control while enhancing your home style, but you’ll also need to focus on finding window treatments that provide great privacy and room-darkening. Luckily, Hunter Douglas offers tons of great choices for custom window treatments to complete your bedroom. 

Silhouette® Window Shadings

These unique shades can bring an ideal balance to your bedroom by combining elements of multiple window treatment styles into one sleek solution. The Silhouette® Window Shadings from Hunter Douglas feature a pair of low-opacity panels of fabric that help block UV rays from the sun while keeping glare out of your home. The resulting effect is soft light and a gentle glow in place of harsh light and high-contrast shadows. This sheer layer of fabric still lets you get a view of the outdoors while blocking direct light and also giving you privacy during the daytime. This optimal balance of privacy and light allows you to enjoy invigorating natural light while you wake up and get ready for the day. You can direct light and achieve privacy at all hours using the internal curved fabric vanes. That is what makes these shades one of the best bedroom window treatments for homes.

Designer Banded Shades

For those who love to get creative with their shades, Designer Banded Shades are one of the best bedroom window treatments for homes. These shades let you achieve a sleek and sophisticated look of premium roller shades in a versatile design. These stylish bedroom window treatments make use of two panels to create their distinct effect. Each panel features alternating horizontal bands of both sheer and opaque fabric, which allows you to let soft, diffused light inside your home and to quickly switch to complete shade in a simple motion. The sheer fabric lets you enjoy daytime privacy and soft natural light along with a view to the outside creating the perfect environment to relax inside your bedroom. You can choose from lots of different fabric textures and colors, along with two band shapes. 

Duette® Honeycomb Cellular Shades

When you want to escape to a cozy oasis, there’s no better place than your bedroom and having window treatments that can help regulate your indoor temperature during all times of the year can help keep it this way. Duette® Honeycomb Cellular Shades from Hunter Douglas are designed to prevent heat flow between your windows and the outdoors, keeping your bedroom feeling comfortable throughout the year. You can also choose the available LightLock™ feature, which provides complete room-darkening through the use of innovative side panels. This helpful feature, combined with the sound-dampening effect of the hexagonal cells, helps make your bedroom the perfect place for peaceful sleep. Efficient and beautiful, it is easy to see why cellular shades are one of the best bedroom window treatments for homes.


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